A compilation of some of my best personal illustrative work! Click on an image to see it full-sized.

KRYSS Network

A sample from the full work: a compilation of panels and portraits created for KRYSS Network, Malaysia, for their 16 Days of Gender-Based Violence social media campaign, 2022. Links lead to the original Instagram posts.

concept art + 3D

I enjoy 3D forms - they're an extension of 2D art that is tactile and present in an environment. I'm interested in concept art for a variety of things, including general media, sets, costume and more.

Ringling Avant Garde 2023 Immersive

Concepts for themed fundraising event

I was employed by Ringling College of Art & Design to create concept art for their annual fundraising event, Avant Garde. The theme was the '70s', but had to avoid competing with Soul Train-styled events occurring in the same area. I designed photo booths, a figure drawing experience, tickets, an illustrated poster, costumes for volunteers and table-settings.

concept art + 3D design

Concept Designs for 3D Design class.Set in a solarpunk world where climate change was solved and science has progressed to the point of becoming synonymous with 'magic'.The main character, Ama, is a living mushroom disconnected from the fungus hivemind; they pick up a fungus ant sidekick named Ant-C and begins working with an evil scientist (a "doc-witch") called Fathers. They eventually discover, to their horror, that Fathers created them as an experiment to see if individual consciousness trumps being part of an all-encompassing hivemind.I created character sculpts of Ama and Ant-C in monster clay, sculpted and painted a bust of Fathers, then designed and created a small scale model of Fathers' lab. Scroll to see ideation process, then final models.


Commissioned projects that involve not just illustration, but an eye for design and visual branding!


Atlantic Pacific International Rescue is an NGO with a simple vision; to combat global drowning. It exists to tackle this crisis and eliminate death by drowning by providing Lifeboats and trained crew to areas of need.We have been working together since 2019, when I developed their trio of mascot characters - Akakun, Manami and Irupan - and have since been commissioned to design a variety of media involving them, such as posters, merchandise (badges and post-it notes), assets for video animation and a colouring book with handwritten Japanese / English text.


Yakera is a fundraising platform that allows individuals and grassroot organizations in Venezuela to create campaigns on nutrition, education, healthcare, and small businesses.I was commissioned to develop a cast of characters in a distinctive cultural-visual style, using them to produce a variety of assets for their social media and website, including icons, Facebook banners, etc.


A collection of my realistic painting work, in oil, gouache and mixed media. Almost all were observational and painted from life. Click on an image to see it full-sized.

sketches + process work

Here you'll find a collection of my zany ideas - from sketchbook studies to strange experiments to process work for full illustrations, this is my metaphorical brain on display!


A compilation of playful experiments that take place anywhere, anytime, for various challenges and with various media, helping me discover the possibilities within my style. Click on an image to see it full-sized!

process work

The planning process is my favourite part! I love exploring wacky ideas! Click on an image to see it full-sized!

about me

Malaysian Rojak / UWC ISAK '20 / RCAD Illustration '24

Hold up - who do we have here? Wait a minute. That's me, Elena May Saini Jeffery!Hi! I'm an illustrator, designer, and experimental creative generalist!I hate smelling newspaper, durian and the artificial lime smell on Malaysia Airlines planes. However, I have my nose to thank for my artistic career; to calm me down my mum would pull a vomit bag out of the seat pocket and doodle. The rest is history...Along the way I ended up becoming a multimedia artist and illustrator! In my creative world, the mundane becomes extraordinary, and the ordinary becomes magical. My work showcases unconventional forms of visual storytelling that are accessible, fun, and always downright strange with a side order of chaos!Cats, the theatre and nature are among my many obsessions. I'm also passionate about social justice causes and would love to work with more organisations. Catch me listening to insanely obscure music on YouTube, chowing down on some delicious Malaysian food, or desperately trying to revive plants in novel ways.


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